Cake Smash and Bubbles for Gabriella 2020

It’s time to get back to snapping photos for families. This has been a hard year and still is for most.

Little Gabriella, her Yaya got her the perfect gift, Cake smash and Bubbles.

Even dad got in to help. She is a Darling.

Literally played with the icing which I made myself (as well as the cake) as after years of creating cakes for these kind of smashes, I need layers, soft fluffy butter vanilla cake mix with butter frosting and inside I always hide sprinkles or something special to eat as sometimes cake doesn’t always work.

Always, my clients on the day after the session get a proofing album which THEY get to choose which 20x images they adore. Some are posed, giggles or just plain fun. I love giving them that control as what I see and what they know about their child, are two opposite things.

They hire me for a reason and to have fun is one of them.

Gorgeous memories for the shoot to go with the photos!

Look at her – Mini session for “Darling”. My kitty cat.

Yes, She is my cat!

Omgosh… I had to as our little “Darling” is her name, came into our lives and why not when you’re a photographer. She fell asleep when I put this headband on her.

She is soi cute!

I have started editing and making myself an album in-between times with my clients. I cant help myself as she is our newest family member. PS all our animals live long lives. Literally 22 for our dogs, and cat GOSH… yep you can imagine!

Well thats all for now x But cuteness overload coming soon.

pps: I always write how I talk. So sorry not sorry for not being 100% on my typing, English literacy skills.

Talk soon.

Hannah Elizabeth

Townsville Fathers day 2020

Fathers Day this year, we all know is going to be amazing and yet hard at the same time. Why? Because most of us cant see our Dad or have just lost our dad. And that knowing just how important he was/is means the world.

Covid has taught us all… just how lucky we can be if we stay connected. Pity about the hugs and spreading a virus but it really has. I have called my Dad and worried about him more now as I ever have because at the end of the day he just lost his Father. This will be his first without his dad, and I cannot imagine what thats like. We all know one day but for now, im spoiling him with photos … because thats where I get emotions from.

I sent him this…

This isn’t actually me, although me and my younger sister looked liked twins at times. This is my Dad and Dannielle.

My family are all in Victoria and half are in lock down a shire away from each other. So I know special gifts of the old days of our fishing, camping, exploring will literally make his day!

Here are some snaps already I have from Fathers on their day x

Im so excited to be here in Townsville and have already met long life clients, where I can see them have kids, grow, children grow and life cycle goes around.

If anyone would love to book in with me, Im now at Bushland Beach here in Townsville, North of Queensland.

Townsville – I have arrived!

Im finally here, set up, and ready for all my clients.

to my gorgeous WEBSITE I am so proud of.

I’m Hannah Elizabeth – the inspired Photographer I Designer I Artist I Creator. 

Hannah Elizabeth Townsville photography

At Photography by Hannah Elizabeth I am very adaptive to your needs and

I have a studio in Bushland Beach, Townsville, QLD which is utilised for various shoots, especially for newborn babies.  Near to the studio there is also a picturesque Beach, walking paths, which makes for gorgeous photos. Alternatively I have numerous other locations which have previously been scouted and are perfect for taking photos in Townsville and Surrounds as my clients always have a special spot to have photos taken.  If you have a particular spot in mind we can utilise that as well; I try to be as accommodating as possible. 

This is me…

Townsville photographer – Hannah Elizabeth Bushland Beach, QLD.
  • I was born in Yea, Victoria and lived a country life for 20 years.
  • 3 gorgeous children. My stepson Kristian, our daughter Alexis & our son Caleb.
  • My husbands been in the Army 10 years and we have lived in NSW, VIC & SA.
  • I love being part of communities and helping others.
  • Blue eyes, blonde hair and love to talk to have a good laugh.
  • I use to be a model until I had found my true passion, my art, my life, photography.
  • Love exploring but I see everything as a movie, inspired always. 
  • I’m a Carer to our Special Needs son, couldn’t be prouder of the journey. 
  • I love fancy dining but I cant stop laughing when nervous, awkward.
  • I’m forever snapping moments with my kids.
  • Love a good wine, even an aldi wine. As long as its red. Dont judge me. 
  • Summer, when it’s Christmas and everything reminds me of my childhood.
  • Marilyn Monroe, idol and believe me I have a collection over the years.
  • My Husband Michael. Married after 10 years – 1st December 2018.

Now I have offically moved my WHOLE studio to Townsville. I adore all aspects of photography, from Birth, Maternity, Newborn, then onto Family, specialised portraits. I even have all the props and lighting you would ever need!

Im going to start writing more on my Blog… as being new in town im going to show me exploring Townsville. SO MANY Perfect locations, literally even my garden has inspired me with the gorgeous plants.

So today im off to get some snaps of the kids photo session at the beach, then those candid photos of them making “Sand Castles”.

Your going to adore!

Hannah Elizabeth

Wetlands outdoor family session.
Newborn B&W Photography session
Gorgeous Wedding with Sun showers. Bride and grooms car.
Newborn & Family photography session in the studio.

Newborn studio session.
Brydie & Daves Wedding photos by Hannah Elizabeth.
This is me Hannah Elizabeth…Your photographer!

On the move! Hannah Elizabeth is moving again! 2 Photography session Locations now!

Can you believe I’m on the move again?


Townsville photography sessions start April but they officially 100% begin 1st June 2020.

Yea, Victoria has always been my home and always be a base for my photography. I still have bookings all the way until October 2021 back here in Yea, Vic. Sio its not really goodbye.



I have decided to move to my husband who is in the Army and have my Studio base in Townsville, QLD.


Nope, I have never lived in QLD before but super excited as I’m planning on having photo shoots on the travels all the way up!

So Im leave Victoria 1st week of June 2020 to move into my new home in Townsville with my husband and kids. HUGE new things happening as wedding season is full BLOOM and also I have 2 new Portrait sessions coming up which I have never done before.


Dusky Pink & Earth Sessions.

Which when you think of a filter… think of that kind of colours in your session with matching clothing. Dusky pink is sooooo me and earth colours is so my daughter. Cant wait to show you the deep contrast, bright colours and cool tones!

Did you know I’m in the MURRINDINDI GUIDE? 


Yep, that’s me holding up the love heart! Im officially in my 6th Year of being a Professional photographer and every year I grow so much im planning on getting a team for 2020-21.



Keep in touch if you see me! Say hi, or even email me if you want to know more!


Hannah Elizabeth


MORE NEWS to come!



The Gorgeous Wedding of



7th September 2019




What a day. It was insanely amazing, we had pouring rain one minute, then sunshine, then rainbows, then the full complete sun, a bit of light rain, sunshine again, then with dark blue-black clouds.


This was all within one photo! As much as its not ideal for any outdoor event, I always find it makes the day that much more special.


Everyone crammed into the gorgeous shed, which was covered with vintage cars, the perfect lighting under the arch, where a unique name written.

It was perfect.


Whats even more perfect as they said their Vows was little baby Cydi, the daughter of Bride & David, who isn’t even 1 yet was watch on and got to even read out aloud a book to Mum & Dad.


More to come!


It was surreal on how perfect it was to watch, capture and the fact so many people I had to cram in one photo at the end, I realised I hadn’t time to steal the mic off the celebrant to get everyone together. So lucky enough I had many guests on Utes do just this. Thank you!


More photos to come for you Brydie & David.



YEA Newborn Photography Session – Hannah Elizabeth

Meeting Baby William!


I got to meet baby William on Sunday as he decided to come a few days earlier, but that had mean’t I got to snap this up straight away.


More to come, but for now from my blog.

Either Book for the studio in Yea or book me to come to you!


Here is William, as I always wonder what they are dreaming about.


Hannah x


DSC_5816 2.png
William, Mum & Dad’s little gem. Photography and Film by Hannah Elizabeth.

Winter warmer in Pink – Yea Wetlands Family session, Country Victoria.



That, right here.

Tells you why you book a Pro Photographer.

This Gorgeous Family later on I found out wanted the natural gorgeous organic side of photography. It makes me look back and think wow… so many filters, so many aspect but this, this is just perfect.

Let’s say when I got to the session, I even got some photos of moss, it looked like a little fairy garden. The Yea Wetlands, on the edge of the Main Street (literally) is a place where everyone comes, just for a walk, the bike track, picnicking, dog walks or even a photography session with me Photography + Film by Hannah Elizabeth. Me being born and Bred in Yea has seen it change so much. Its the perfect backdrop for a Family and the Photography session helps when you have streams of water, green plants sprouting, wood paths, dirt tracks and even a bridge.

Im a local here, and I have so many clients come all this way for 45 mins of photos, even 20 mins for my mini sessions. It creating memories and these kidless will have a story to tell.


Cold Winters day yet rugged up and having moments with mum & Dad.


It is what life is all about.


“Being in the moment”.


Hannah Elizabeth – Leah & her Family. x


Melbourne Photographer hannah Elizabeth  .jpg


Wedding Photography + Film – Hannah Elizabeth

Are you getting married?


My wedding photography is all about you, your style, your family, your friends, your love and every real moment that you will share together on the day. I will work with you on the day, engaging with your guests, and offering an experience that is entirely relaxed and natural. Nothing forced, nothing stuffy. Just beautiful photography, in sunning light, with real and relaxed interaction.

Melbourne Photographer hannah Elizabeth  .jpg



Melbourne Wedding Photographer – Townsville & Sydney Wedding Photographer 2019

My wedding photography is all about you, your style, your family, your friends, your love and every real moment that you will share together on the day. I will work with you on the day, engaging with your guests, and offering an experience that is entirely relaxed and natural. Nothing forced, nothing stuffy. Just beautiful photography, in sunning light, with real and relaxed interaction. Im travel around to your location, if its Country Victoria such as Yarra Valley, Melbourne, Townsville or even in Sydney.

COLLAGES - Susan & Richard Feleppa 2018 (2).jpg
Wedding Melbourne, Sydney, Townsville.

If you love life and cherish the candid real moments that make it uniquely yours, then you’re in the right place for a photographer. I’m a bubbly, creative & friendly Yea, Yarra Valley (all Country Victoria), Melbourne, Townsville & Sydney Wedding photographer who specialises in natural Wedding portrait photography.

I make sure to capture your personality, your unique style, your moments.

COLLAGES - Susan & Richard Feleppa 2018 (3).jpg
Book Hannah Elizabeth as your wedding photographer in Melbourne, Sydney or even Townsville. 


Book Hannah Elizabeth to look after your Wedding.

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